Facebook Connect for iPhone

6:50 AM Edited by Blony

. Facebook Connect, the system of authentication and validation of the social network between users and any site or desktop application, iPhone now comes to integration with any applications you want iTunes, you just have to add a few lines of code in the implementation and is already integration with FB.

Facebook Connect for iPhone allows Playfish games like (the game "Who has the biggest brain?"), Tapulous, Whrrl, SGN (the game "Star Wars") and Zynga (best poker), among others , to authenticate users via their Facebook accounts and share the contents of the application or game with your friends through Facebook News Feed.

This will allow a more social games for the iPhone (more on that until now was the implementation of Facebook for iPhone it receives per day over 4 million mobile users) and is a clear way of gathering large amounts of FB users in an area where until now has been dispersed.

Facebook reports on his blog that Facebook Connect has been implemented in over 6,000 sites since it was announced last May, so do not discount that will soon be a new wave of gaming sites and implemented. There are also many expecting the same for the implementation of Facebook for BlackBerry.