China Mobile Statistics 2008

2:22 AM Edited by Blony

. PCWorld published by IDG impressive statistics about users of the leading mobile operator in China, China Mobile, and gives an overview of the services used by users throughout 2008.

Let's see some numbers are just not talk about revenues or profits of the operator, but we can deduce easily:

China Mobile ended 2008 with 464 million users, 70% of mobile users throughout China, which has more than 633 million users.
In 2008, China Mobile users sent 607.1 billion text messages. 20% more than in 2007.
76 million users downloading music were made during 2008, 16% of total users of China Mobile.
Other 41.5 million paid by millions of users to read any of the 110 newspapers that are moving online across China.
It is striking that the average user sends more than 1,300 messages per year and that over 25% of the users consume the services from a mobile. Something enviable for other regions.