Bubble Elephants: a free game along the lines of Puzzle Bobble

7:52 AM Edited by Blony

Surely, you all know the famous bar game Puzzle Bobble. In addition to the J2ME implementation of this mobile game, there are many viable alternatives for free. And 'the case of products for Smarphone as Frozen Bubble, also in his review "Twisted" working with new technologies such as the accelerometer.

The play that we present today, however, is - always free-compatible with many terminals as well as Smartphone. Elephants Bubble is a game developed by Spilgames entirely written in FlashLite.

This is a puzzle game, can be downloaded directly from your terminal by pointing your browser http://games.mobi/ on the site, where there are other games very nice and funny, among which we remind Acorn Maffia. More information and download on the site.


  1. Online Casinos said...

    I was able to play this game through a friend's phone. It was indeed similar to Puzzle Bubble, the game I always love to play. This is a nice game, though! :D