BBTranslator: A free translator for BlackBerry

7:38 AM Edited by Blony

This is not the first time that we address the issue on cellular translation. In fact, there are many practical solutions for not "doing bad figure," or simply translate a word on the fly via your mobile phone.

For products already produced, we will talk about BBTranslator, a free client compatible with some of the most popular Blackberry terminals. Developed by the Brazilian company Navita, you download through the browser on your device or PC, allows you to translate in real time, single words or entire phrases, such as happens with Google Translator.

Available in six languages, you can translate to and from those available, or to translate single words or phrases in a language program, leaving the choice of the home. This software is only compatible with the following models: Blackberry pearl (8100, 8120, 8130), Curve (8300, 8310), 8800, Bold (9000), Javelin (8900). For more information and to download a free program, visit the official website.