5 reasons to send an SMS

7:55 AM Edited by Blony

I am sure many will say that with this SMS that contact was lost was in a conversation (that's not counting the face to face) and other arguments against the text messages.

But we must admit that sometimes, the SMS can be used if we want to send a different message to our destination or if the information they need to be dispatched on file in the inbox, to name a few.

1.You are busy: Either because you're in a place where it is inappropriate to talk on the phone or because you can not waste too much time talking.
2.Your contact is busy: once we have to think of others not? If you know a friend or have a reunion is in the gym-good examples that come to mind eh:-P can not be so annoying to call for peanuts when one reaches an SMS.
3.Trying to avoid a long and awkward conversation: This is one reason a little funky but often is not really the time to speak with a person, and that the example be sure happens to you.
4.Send information: either an address, telephone number or other information, is always more useful than being stored on the mobile.
5.Romance: well I better not elaborated here because I'm not, but when it comes to winning a girl or boy (why not!), Sending little messages throughout the day can be very romantic or disturbing as the case;)