10 applications for Apple iPhone banned

6:32 AM Edited by Blony

Store applications Apple has been a revolution that is already being imitated by its competitors. Giving users the ability to schedule and upload your own application, is an almost infinite source of programs for its iPhone and with a very low cost. However, it also implies to control the content that users generate.

In this respect, Apple has received considerable criticism since it has been somewhat inconsistent and has banned some applications but has allowed the publication of other very similar. At PC Advisor have published a Top 10 applications which were known by the Cupertino prohibited.

1.Trampoline Obama - in this case had to use politicians like Obama or McCain to blow up balloons with a trampoline. It seems harmless.
2.MyShoe - another application with George Bush as a hero. In this case had to throw shoes. We must recognize that sounds fun.
3.I Am Poor - opposed the application of the famous I Am Rich. Equally useless, but much cheaper.
4.The South Park App - This is an official connected with the famous series. Apple banned because it contained the offensive content.
5.Pull My Finger - could be considered a virtual emulation of the famous eponymous joke that ends with a loud flatulence.
6.iBoobs - This application allowed users to interact with a woman's breasts through the touch screen of the iPhone.
7.Slasher - an online application that showed a knife and reproducing andalusia a shout shake the iPhone.
8.Murderdrome - it was a pretty violent digital comic created by PJ Holden.
9.Podcast - an application that allowed listening podcasts (Apple does not like competition).
10.Freedom Time - a countdown to the departure of George W. Bush in the White House.