Yoigo installed 800 new antennas in Spain

4:33 AM Edited by Blony

Johan Andsjö, Yoigo CEO, took advantage of his presence at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona to unveil some of the initiatives of the Spanish fourth player this year. Input Andsjö revealed that will enhance its network coverage to 56% of the country through the installation of 800 new antennas. Given that in each of the antennas will invest around 60,000 euros, it seems very important to move from the current 50% coverage in this 56%.

At the same time, the company will increase its store network to reach 900 by the end of the year. All these investments come paradoxically economic crisis and with the company for sale. The explanation for this is that Andsjö crisis that users will be weighted toward operators and cheaper it would make more and more customers Yoigo at the expense of the three major operators.