Yahoo Mobile will be the new "Internet Starting Point"

4:07 AM Edited by Blony

. Yahoo has launched a series of changes in their mobile applications by converting them all in Yahoo Mobile, which is its integrated suite of applications for every mobile operating system. Their slogan, "Your Starting Point to the Internet" / "your starting point on the Internet," shows its willingness to convert to reverse the trend to continue losing at the hands of Google.

His first final version will be available to the public since March, and will rollout a few months for all smartphones with BlackBerry OS, Windows Mobile and Symbian S60 and S40. The web-based service of Yahoo Mobile will this week with a test version for a limited number of users, so you can anotarte to notify you when it is ready.

We can see looks like this set of applications on a BlackBerry Storm and the iPhone 3G:

The package of Yahoo services and applications include:

Yahoo One Search with voice recognition
Yahoo One Connect
Today Yahoo
Yahoo Email (includes access to Gmail, Hotmail and other POP3 accounts)
Social Networks (includes access to Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Bebo,
Flickr, etc)
Yahoo Messenger
Yahoo Maps
Yahoo Calendar and Contacts
Yahoo News
Yahoo OnePlace, the RSS reader
Opera Mini 4.2
The company plans to promote Yahoo Mobile in the coming months through a series of agreements with 70 major players to reach 850 million mobile customers worldwide.