Wind: Review of a new promo for "Switch to Wind - Double charging" - And for the future?

5:35 AM Edited by Blony

Confusion? Errors? Decisions? Frankly there are many questions that arise during this period on spontaneous strategy of Wind. The first signs of a somewhat 'troubled we were at the time when it was changed, without notice, the offer related to portability, with the reduction of the promotional period for the doubling of recharge from 12 to 6 months (also for both operators and Mobile Virtual Telepass A-Mobile). The next step was the advance of the expiration of the promo tied to the Wind 6 sms, even if notified about two weeks before the new deadline.

The promotion Skip Wind seems to be the preferred object of the field of marketing for changes and amendments. The news is certain about the end of the campaign was brought forward from May 24 (as we wrote in a previous post) to 8 March. No change, however, the mechanism of every recharge made within six months after the completion of the practice of portability will be doubled for a maximum of € 50 per month.

Who is going to change operator while keeping their number must be accelerated timetable for the request: fortunately the "communication" of the amendment was made by Wind with more than two weeks before the new date of expiry.