Vision of 3G Americas from MWC 2009 (Business)

4:59 AM Edited by Blony

We saw something of the vision of Erasmo Rojas, 3G Americas, on changing technologies, radio spectrum and trends in terminals during his speech at the Mobile World Congress. Here's something about the business of the mobile world.

In the Latin American market, which rose from 13% to 78% penetration in ten years, the ARPU (Average Revenue Per User, the average revenue per user) is a point of no growth is stagnant at $ 16 some years including devaluation of local currencies and all.

Some countries go beyond the average, Venezuela, Chile, Mexico and Brazil has a better ARPU Argentina, Peru and Colombia, among others who walk with the ARPU across the floor. Clearly, the penetration is to assess the driver of each market, as shown in the graph that all countries behave the same way as penetration rises, ups ARPU.

The exception is Argentina, the only country with more than 100% mobile density and which is now approaching saturation, but that does not exceed the average revenue per user and is even a 20% lower, perhaps because there is 90% of users in prepaid mode.

In this sense Erasmo Rojas emphasized that "some countries have a clear influence of the value-added services (SMS, MMS, email, music, etc.) in its contribution to ARPU, the regional average is 14% and some countries far exceed those values. "

Venezuela, Argentina and Mexico are developing countries and are considered at odds with the use of mobile services, push email (for example the BlackBerry), navigation, mobile payments, downloads, and more. Much of this has to do with strong and still growing mobile broadband in our region.

The roll out more third-generation networks, HSPA + and LTE, will be a new momentum to penetrate the region and improving the ARPUs some operators as value-added services are data dependent.

Another axis that move up ARPU is to embed applications on SIM cards, like Gemalto and Sandisk, which have great technological innovation in the SIM cards, when placed as a Java application that runs on Windows Live Messenger.