View PlayStation 3 trophies from the iPhone

4:42 AM Edited by Blony

I never cease to amaze me the applications to get the iPhone. Where we bring today, developed by UIEvolution and baptized with the descriptive name of Unofficial PS3 Trophy Guide is targeted to those users of the Apple device may also possess PlayStation 3. The application allows the iPhone at any time the list of trophies for the various games console from Sony.

For those not quite put the PS3 Trophies are Sony's answer to Xbox 360 achievements. Essentially, are recognized by the user to perform certain predetermined actions in a game. For example, to find some hidden secrets, to reach a certain number of hours of play, defeating certain enemies, ending the game on the highest difficulty, etc.. Somehow fosters competition among users and, incidentally, is trying to prolong the life of the games.