Video Yahoo! Mobile on iPhone

5:10 AM Edited by Blony

Presented a few days at MWC 2009, Yahoo! Mobile will have a version for iPhone (different from smartphones) that would see the light at the end of March.

In this video you can see very well what this application package that seeks to be a sort of starting point for wireless internet.

In the iPhone version is about 5 tabs. Today is the first on Yahoo! which brings together a number of interesting stories to an editorial team of Yahoo! removed from the internet and updated (obviously the video player integrated with the iPhone). Then there's Yahoo! News that does not need too much explanation and Yahoo! One Place to add the content you want as RSS, "boxes" of climate, markers, etc..

It also comes with Yahoo! One Connect another page to customize everything related to communication such as email (any account you want), instant messaging and social networks (with updates there). In conclusion, it has Yahoo! Everything, the directory with the whole list of other services for iPhone.