Use the Blackberry services in the HTC Touch

5:47 AM Edited by Blony

HTC officially launched its BlackBerry Connect Desktop Tool and Connect Client 4.0 for HTC TyTN II / Touch Diamond / Touch Pro / Touch HD will allow you to use the services / corporate BES mail in any of the phones that family.

And the features available in this software are interesting enough to earn all-from RIM which continues to place its servers to HTC phones that can sell their "design" to corporate users.

What you can do with this soft? They really are two:

* Improved management of attachments
* Closing remote (secure) directory of corporate emails
* Triple DES or AES wireless encryption
* Access to corporate intranets from the BlackBerry Mobile Data System;
* Supply of equipment to be activated remotely.
* Remote control of email box (filters, OOF replies, etc.).
* Support of corporate security policies