TrapCall, there's no private numbers

6:39 AM Edited by Blony

The obnoxious calls or private numbers can be hidden near the end. A New Jersey company called TelTech Systems has launched a beta service called TrapCall that will allow us to know not only the telephone number from which we are calling, but sometimes even the name and address of the heavy duty.

TrapCall the call forwarding functions to a limited number of free TrapCall. Apparently, in the U.S. (I do not know how to operate in the world) these numbers are not hidden the identity of the caller. This redirection, which takes about 6 seconds, goes completely unnoticed to the caller.

Identification of the basic service call is free and includes the ability to create a blacklist of unwanted numbers. Currently available for users of AT & T and T-Mobile, but will soon be made available to other operators.