Tips for caring for the holiday mobile

7:11 AM Edited by Blony

. Nokia reminds us that we have some tips to take care of our cell phones when going on holiday.

If your destination is the sea and the beach:

Do not forget to protect your mobile device in the sand with a holster and avoids coming in contact with body oil or lotion.
If it is wet, remove the battery and secale quickly with absorbent paper with a towel that was not on the sand or with a hairdryer.
Salt water is particularly damaging. Try not to get closer to the sea with your cellphone.
Do not miss the sun so that gives directly onto the LCD screen because it can deform and remove shine.
Do not expose your computer to heat, causing distortion and can cause problems in their circuits.

If you decide to go to mountainous areas or clearing:

Do not leave without your cell phone battery fully charged.
Mountain areas tend to have areas where the signal is weak for a geographic theme, so it is advisable to check on these issues with experts who know the place.
Add to your contact phone numbers for local emergency use if needed.
For the adventurous and confused, it's a great advantage to have a device with GPS, so they avoid missing on the mountain. While it is an emerging trend in our country, more and more devices that have this type of technology.
Take advantage colgarte cords for the computer to the neck and hands are free for trekking or climbing.

It's always good to remember these tips, so thanks to Nokia who make the effort to impose techniques lengthen the lifespan of mobile phones.

Also, if that were the case we are confused and do not follow these rules, we can get some phones that were designed specifically for these activities, such as the Nokia N95 Aqua Edition, the Samsung Resita to water and dust, the Land Rover Sonim, some Casio to the extreme sports or any of the cell SUV that outlined recently.