Still updates Skebby: online version 3:11

7:12 AM Edited by Blony

A few days later, the program for sending and receiving text messages at very low price, Skebby, it is updated again. Today, in fact, has been released new version 3:11, which includes several bug fixes and improvements on the new service in skebby.

This allows you to send and receive text messages to all, the only cost of the connection as long as both sender and recipient are users Skebby. A value added service, to come free. Also the function that parses the contacts automatically to select the type of service to send the message, and then get the maximum savings.

The new version is downloadable from the blog is the official mobile version accessible at: We strongly recommend the testing of new services offered, accessed under Wi-Fi coverage and all the phones compatible with the J2ME technology. More information on the official site.