Specifications and official photos of the LG Versa with removable modules

4:26 AM Edited by Blony

Filtering earlier this year, all must agree that the Versa LG VX960 touchscreen is not ordinary, and at least I was eager to learn new information and more photos of this mobile phone with removable modules that come to the Verizon March 1 for $ 200 with 2 year contract.

The Versa will have a 3D interface (Will the S-Class?) That will allow you to customize to taste 3 different home pages and will come with the integrated full QWERTY keyboard that the other side has an OLED display 56 x 120 pixels resolution and a game pad module to be purchased separately for about $ 30 (you can see after the jump). However, I would not rule out that other modules appear removable.

The touch screen is 3 inches (a good one would have been slightly larger) TFT with 240 x 480 pixels resolution and a shame the only 2 MPX camera with autofocus and flash.

VZ Navigator
HTML Browser
headset jack
Support for up to 16GB MicroSD cards