Sony Ericsson launches C510 simulators, W395, W705 and W715

11:47 PM Edited by Blony

Today there are many many options but when we finally decided to switch cell simulators can be very helpful, but nothing assures you that once the device in hand with the things as they seemed.

It seems that Sony Ericsson understood that way and just put online some of the simulators are the latest models with: C510, W395, W705 and W715.

And if you want to go buy one of these mobile really recommend giving them a tour of his simulator because facts are very comprehensive with options ranging from receiving an incoming call, video call, music functions, file transfer and could be say that almost all the functions with which the phone.

I started playing around with the simulator of the Sony Ericsson C510, the only Cybershot them, and above all it's worth reviewing the full camera functions that are more like Smile Shutter blogger or even a photo.