Sony Ericsson also suffers from the "The Curse of Silence"

6:14 AM Edited by Blony

During some weeks, we saw the Nokia S60 suffered from a vulnerability that SHIP or impossible to receive MMSs attack amusingly called "The Curse of Silence", for which Nokia has already found the solution to your SMS Cleaner. Sony Ericsson are now those who suffer.

The Mobile Security Lab researchers have discovered a vulnerability that allows an attacker to remotely restart the Sony Ericsson by sending a text message containing a malicious WAP push message. The message is repeated again and again while Sony Ericsson is off, so when it reconnects to the network back to the same recycling message and restart again.

The list of vulnerable computers is long (W910i, W660i, K618i, K610i, Z610i, K810i, K660i, K530i and W880i) and unfortunately there is no known solution at this time. See a phone restart is not only very funny, and less to ordinary users, so we have left is to wait and hope that some dishonest cronies do not play a bad pass ... Well look down as restart: