Skebby: Released new version 3.1.2

5:03 AM Edited by Blony

we have already spoken several times in the past. This is an excellent application, compatible with a large vairetà mobile phone, which lets you send text messages at very low (sometimes even free, depending on the type of operator / flat / connection you have).

The new version 3.12, released today for JavaME phones, and soon also available for Symbian, announced plenty of new features, among which the most important is without doubt the innovative service freeSMS skebby in, exchanging messages for free and unrestricted over-the-air Center Skebby. On receiving an SMS with this mode you will be notified by a ring (Java) or a sound alert / popup (Symbian), then simply open the program and download the message. All this spending on average 1 cent per message sent / received.

Not only that, by now with Skebby will involve more phone numbers to your account and customize the number of the sender to any sms if you want. With this new version Skebby aims to facilitate and encourage the dissemination of the program through word of mouth among its users with the option "Invite a friend" you can go Skebby to friends directly from mobile phone via sms / bluetooth, also with the option "Transfer Credit" Skebby allows the transfer of credit among their users.

With the option "Analyze heading" Finally, the user can know the operator of all contacts in address book before sending and, if they want, even get a copy of the mobile phone contacts online as back up. Even those who do not send many SMS can use this innovative service perchiamata.

Really a lot of news of this new 3.1.2. Frankly I think that I may just download it and try to use it for a while '. To download just connect with the browser of their mobile phones at / blog.