Simyo us detailed coverage

5:18 AM Edited by Blony

A few days ago I did get from Simyo some interesting data on the coverage of the virtual mobile operator. At this time, according to these data, Simyo offers a 2G coverage of 99.10% in 85.7% of the exterior and interior, which lie more or less the same level as other operators. In the case of 3G connection, the coverage is 83.20% and 71% outdoors indoors. Levels similar to those of Vodafone and above, according to them, to Movistar.

We also report some of the steps the operator KPN has launched an effort to improve these data in the future:

Have covered more than 2,000 populations of fewer than 1,000 inhabitants
We plan to expand coverage in 2G and 3G expressways (motorways, TGV lines ...)
Increased coverage in areas of high intensity such as airports, metro, malls, hotels and business areas
Shared with Vodafone 3G coverage in populations of fewer than 25,000 inhabitants
In addition, work is underway to ensure availability HSDPA in most areas with 3G coverage