Samsung M7600, another touchscreen filtering and van ...

7:35 AM Edited by Blony

Well this week it seems that Samsung did not stop throwing bombs until late on Friday and returned to the filtration DailyMobile appear in that it seems to have ninjas .... I better calm: P. But hopefully, after many rumors we do not disappoint in MWC 2009.

In this case the Samsung M7600 is a full touchscreen display with 2.8-inch grinding, GSP, HDSPA, MPX camera 3 (after the disappointment that Acme with 8 MPX) and Divx. Concerning the design is very similar to the Helio Ocean 2 which has just appeared, but without the QWERTY keyboard.

Strength as the system comes with Bang & Olufsen ICEpower audio that lets you mix, insert effects, and record scratching as a DJ - or something;) - on the touch screen. It is expected to appear in May, after the jump, photo gallery: