Rumors in the 2009 MWC: Android 3.0, Nokia and Motorola Sparrow luxurious with Android

4:28 AM Edited by Blony

As already discussed, the Russian editor Murtazin Eldar from Mobile-Review is one of the best sources of journalists with the mobile industry with access to many companies in the domestic sector.

While most blogs and specialized sites showed the new models that were presented at the Mobile World Congress 2009, he was devoted to collecting information about what will happen in the future.

By now it should be considered hearsay, but remember that recently announced it is now confirmed as the Nokia store applications. So I would rather care:

Nokia Sparrow

Eldar could play with what would be the first prototype of an Internet Tablet that Nokia would Sparrow chip multi-core ARM, Linux OS, and come in as a distant 2011. Would multislide keyboard and the screen is also deslizaría in several directions. The diamond-shaped buttons that would seem like pretty small but the device would work at the time of typing. Would have an interface that could accommodate multiple applications on your memory for months. " (The picture is not real)

Android 3.0

Android is now half locked himself because Google does not want to promote a very strong device yet. The first launch of Google Android OS meant to find out their position in future market for mobile operating systems. Functioned as nothing more than a marketing tool to train the public and give an actual device developers to make applications. However, the main ally of Google, HTC, launch several interesting devices this year.

Android 2.o is quite "sad". Android will not reach the level that Google and its partners want to version 3.0 and 4.0. Several partners are working on devices with Android 3.0 and saw some demonstrations that seem fantastic. The problem is that Android 3.0 does not come until 2010, with version 4 that it would continue in 2011. Then there will be enough to wait until the devices reach your full potential.

Motorola and Android luxury

Motorola is also working on a mobile phone with Android, and could use the hardware of the cell just cancel. Would have a style similar to the RAZR, but with a new form and would be launched in late 2009. The odd thing is that it does not aim at mass market but will be part of the luxury segment.


Sony Ericsson Idou was just a mock up of plastic (!) And yet have a model that works. Moreover, as the camera 12mpx, people from Sony Ericsson was not even real modules of the camera.

Windows Mobile

They are not doing very well and plan to reduce the price of the license by half to continue to produce devices with the OS. Many are even looking at Google.