Rumor: HTC buy Motorola?

2:03 AM Edited by Blony

. A few days ago mentioned that Motorola's market valuation is well below her true value the company and its shares traded close to $ 4, when a year ago worth $ 14. Moreover we know that it lost as much importance as a company has only 8.5% of the global market for mobile phones and can not lift head, is shedding even 50% of employees in the Mobile division. Finally Sanjay Jha could not reverse the fall!

Then we echo the speculation of a Windows Mobile Power User based on true stories which detail below:

Motorola Mobile division is up for sale for months.
Motorola is worth 25% of what it was worth a year ago.
HTC beats sales records.
HTC reported record profits.
HTC has a market capitalization of 7.1 billion.
The downcast Motorola worth 10.3 billion.
Then, it is valid to speculate that buy Motorola HTC ?