Renewal in i-mate, new website and new smartphones

4:07 AM Edited by Blony

. I-mate finally revamped its site and, incidentally, added new models to complement their Ultimate line, with a choice of smartphones and economic base.

THE JAMA 101 which is really a PDA-Phone with Windows Mobile 6 and WIFI, the JAMA 201 is the version with QWERTY keyboard and, if this is a nice touch, is defined with VGA display and Windows Mobile 6 ... WinME can not remember another but with this configuration is only 2G, or GSM / GPRS without WIFI or anything like that.

True, it is not attractive if you look that way, but it is a good option to have a smartphone without you ... and break the savings at the end of the day we launch the Motorola Q9 ... and they all fall in love with something which actually has fewer specifications.