Quickoffice arriving on Android. Finally i can see your Office files offline

7:50 AM Edited by Blony

One of the biggest limitations highlighted by those who until now was using Android smartphone for work was the lack of a good viewer for Office files offline. This lack forced to needing to use the online conversion from Google Docs, with all its obvious limitations (the need to receive attachments in Gmail, conversion is not always correct, etc..).

Fortunately this is to get to our rescue Quickoffice, which has just released its popular application, which already has claimed so successful on other platforms, including the operating system from Google.

With Quickoffice you can access and view files. Doc and. Xls, zoom and move to shake them on the phone. In addition, any link to websites, email addresses or phone numbers are made active and clickable.

Quickoffice is available on Android Market at a price of $ 7.99. Check out the gallery to see some screen function.