Qualcomm buys super innovative manufacturer of terminals

7:22 AM Edited by Blony

. Despite its revenue fell 56% in the last quarter, Qualcomm continues to purchase business and are thinking of forming a company to grow even higher than it is today. First bought the mobile products division at AMD, which will improve the multimedia capabilities of Qualcomm as a technology provider.

Now we learn that it bought for just $ 7 million, a company that we sometimes Celularis, Modu Mobile, the makers of a mobile modular whose "heart" is interchangeable and allows "coated" with different modules according to different needs, a gps, handsfree, camera, computer, etc, as we saw during the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona last year.

Seems like a good investment and we hope to do something interesting with this company and its products, as the convergence now allows them to use this foundational axis Modu to take beyond what we know today. As Microsoft, who plans to turn a smartphone into a mobile personal computer!