The problem with Motorola is the name of its models

6:12 AM Edited by Blony

. A study of Name Development (PDF) , based on the strategy of model names for different mobile phone manufacturers, has discovered that some of the problems Motorola is due to the way they had to name the models launched in the market the last 4 years, which fell from 35% to 20% market share in the United States.

After the success of the first successor of the Motorola RAZR V3, which was leading in sales over 5 years, Motorola has not had its innovation and Nomenclador models with names following the same strategy based on two-syllable and 4 capitals: ROKR, SLVR , RIZR, KRZR, etc, which has prevented it from developing a strategy for each and all feel they are minor variations on the same computer.

An interesting way to evaluate the performance of manufacturers. Or not? What are you thinking? Motorola is the problem is in the name of their models? ¿... Or is there some other explanation for the collapse of the giant?