Phone screen flexible and rolling

8:01 AM Edited by Blony


Finalente, after showing a prototype of CellularBook almost a year ago will be presented at 3GSM 2008 in PolymerVision product that promises to compete with the iPhone and Amazon Kindle at the same time would not be covered too? ;)

It is interesting to submit it that way when they were originally developed an e-ink display, "the display will have to read books, the super battery life ... and the best connectivity in the form of a mobile phone." . . And we are taking the leading mobile ebooks "

The connectivity will be 3G and are already in talks with operators, the first Telecom Italia, plans to build as the iPhone, because the logic would suggest that you buy this phone using a data plan to download and read books the phone.

Personally, I continue to draw attention because the rolling display allows you to have to transport convenience and comfort to read on a screen much bigger than we have in a phone.