Palm Pre 15 questions

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. Pre recently launched The Palm seems to be the miracle that he hoped to revive Palm nevertheless there are some details that are not clear answers to these and perhaps you PC Mag clarify the picture, but only translate a few:

4.) Is there a family PRE? Yes, different models with different shapes and sizes ... to the next is going to come with QWERTY keyboard;)
5.) There will be a GSM version? Yes, Palm announced a version PRE GSM / UMTS for Europe and Asia in mid-February ... just the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona;)
7.) How do I load my data sync or ERP? This is strange half ERP has no desktop software for now and the synchronization is done via web ... and no more data: S
8.) Will my applications on the Palm OS PRE? No, except that someone write an emulator
9.) How do you load music and videos andalusia Palm PRE? for now, of two ways: drag & drop from the PC using a USB cable and / or access to Amazon MP3 store;)
You can drag and drop it over from your PC using USB mass storage, or buy songs on the device using a built in Amazon MP3 Store client.
11.) What will be the SDK Palm PRE? Mojo, nice name, is going to be a being of Javascript APIs that extend the functions to access hardware .. Slowly go to access all databases
12.) How does the web browser? WebKit is based on all browsers and Apple, Symbian, and supports video streaming in RTSP, H.263 and H.264 formats, but for now without Flash.
13.) Applications will be restricted? Yes, but only so that they work, not going to kill because they compete with applications like Apple's own.
14.) WebOS The operating system is based on Linux? Yes, but developers will have access to the core of Linux
15.) When we will see more news from the Pre? Mobile World Congress in Barcelona and CTIA in March .. where they will show the rest of the world;)