Nokia Gol to follow football matches live from the cell

7:37 AM Edited by Blony

While many have heard it or appoint, Nokia Gol existed a couple years ago in Latin America and reached a total of 800 thousand users in the region in March 2006 but gave low service. Then they had hundreds of complaints a month from users so it was logical that revives it. In Argentina it was only at that time was Cti Field and was a limited-time promotion for a championship.

Inspired by the Nokia N73 Ramadan Edition, developed in Argentina, today was the presentation of the new Nokia Gol, an application that allows you to "always be informed of the latest results of football from across Latin America."

The service schedule, information tables and the game will be free (that would be the reduced service) to anyone but the big news is the goal and news alerts in real-time payments will be. According to Fernando Villasol, manager of software and services, are trying to usher in a new way to follow the games for people who do not have access to a radio or television at the moment "with comments from the live matches. Comments can be updated with a frequency of 2 minutes or more depending on the tastes of the user.

Nokia Gol3 is a Java application (client-server technology that much less data traffic, about 5k) directly designed to Argentina but was expanded to the entire region and not reaching out to other continents.

The theme of the business model of service is as yet unclear and are still in negotiations with carriers. The price be around about 3 or 4 pesos (about $ 1) if they want to absorb this cost carriers when it is released commercially in May. Some will come preloaded with a mobile subscription service for a certain time, but obviously you have to pay data. Other forms of business that are occurring are sales of activation codes for some time or even include it in any other product like it can be an entry in a game. For now not planning to put advertising on the site, but obviously not discarded.

The contents live with the comments of the parties is carried out about 2 or 3 journalists that the country with the outsource company Infonor. It is very interesting projection of the service ... between what is imagined for the future is able to download videos of the goals but will have to see the success they have. Clearly they are now launching to prepare the ground for the global 2010.

We were testing a demo with about N95 they gave us and the truth still can not draw a definitive conclusion of the service until we have the experience of live commentary of the matches. What we saw was just a news site with some preloaded, and data such as dates, parties and so on.

The idea that this is compatible with Nokia mobile phones range from the lowest starting with the 1680 Classic onwards (there are already over 16 models certified and counting) and to make the service available on cell phones from other manufacturers.