Nokia announced the finalists for the Nokia Calling All Innovations

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. Forum Nokia announced the eleven finalists of the global "Calling All Innovators, a global contest Forum Nokia is for developers who want to develop innovative applications that may affect the quality of life through better use of the mobile.

There were over 1,000 developers from around the world in the competition, was nominated and this week the 11 finalists, including a company in Argentina and Mexico.

The finalists in each section of the contest, which awarded up to $ 150,000 in cash and prizes, are:

Echo Challenge section, applications that attempt to minimize the environmental impact and promote the reduction of energy consumption and pollution:

GreenDrive (Israel). Software promotes fuel economy by studying the use of vehicles and road conditions.
Mobile Ticketing Ticketek (Argentina). Application of success for the purchase and sale of tickets, which for a bar code on the user terminals saves paper and speeds up the clearance and revenue performances.
Green Phone (in India). An application that maximizes battery life through improvements in device features, such as lighting, WiFi, Bluetooth, etc..
TigerMap (China). An application that makes it easier to choose public transport to get from one point to another in the city.

Technology Showcase section, applications for S40 and S60 phones using Flash Lite, Java, Python, etc. and trying to open consumers' minds about what an application can do on their mobile.

PhotoMap (Germany). This application digitizes and stores a picture in any map, for later viewing.
kReader Mobile (U.S.). Application that allows you to read books with only recognize the text, digitized with the camera's rolling.
Neuscreen (Thailand). Application that allows you to use the mobile as a virtual pen simply by connecting it to a TV to access their files and photos.
X Dancery (China). Application type game that looks any MP3 file to automatically generate a game based on the tempo of each music track.

Section Emerging Markets, Applications and / or services that improve the daily lives of people in developing countries. Could include solutions for education, health, agriculture or any other application that tries to improve the quality of life of people living in emerging markets:

Mpedigree (Ghana). Application that allows users to authenticate the originality of a drug through an SMS and a code to prevent counterfeiting.
DigitallCS (Mexico). With this application is given to agricultural cooperatives so they can inspect the cultivation practices of each member to upload a website to assess statistical reporting and analysis in the future.
Nano Ganesh (India). Solution that operates irrigation pumps through the mobile.
First place winners in each category will receive $ 25,000 and the free distribution of their winning application through a variety of Nokia channels. The second place winners in each category will receive $ 10,000 and third place winners, $ 5000.

Winners will be announced on February 17, 2009 during the Mobile World Congress 2009 in Barcelona, where all finalists will receive a paid travel and lodging. More information