MWC09: Adobe wants Flash Mobile everywhere

5:07 AM Edited by Blony

. Adobe wants to be on all phones in the world and its recent announcements in Barcelona, MWC 09, point directly to it: a fund for developing applications with Nokia called Open Screen Project and similar iFund andalusia andalusia Blackberry Partners Fund is to entice the application developers on the other hand the announcement of the new Flash Lite player that will be faster and lighter and will be on all platforms unless the iPhone makes the depth and reach for these developers to be more interesting ... yet;)

If all goes well, in 2010 we should see the Windows Mobile phones, Android, Palm and S60/Symbian with the Palm platform, and this means 10 million potential consumers of content, applications or developments, join this network and better processing power and I do not see very far to have applications that provide similar services to the desktop but in "mobile experience" because today there are just a few.