MWC 09: Samsung i7410, phone with integrated picoproyector

6:54 AM Edited by Blony

Excellent demonstration of the Samsung i7410, a phone in the Korean brand is among the first to have an integrated projector and not simply a prototype. The picorpoyectos or micropoyectores is a technology that was already seeing in the market and if you do not remember and analyze a 3M, this time the photo gallery is live for Drita Engadget Spanish

And it's interesting as you can see different uses, if you look in detail one of the photos is that the team loses little thin, but will also see that in the demo are choosing TV channels and you can choose not only that but videos presentacion ... or even who to go to a show with a notebook and a projector if you can only charge the phone and, incidentally, to impress customers?

Very good idea to finally go on the market