Motorola Z6w, one with WiFi and UMA ROKR

8:27 AM Edited by Blony


Motorola seems to be hidden and brought without the rumors that we always get picked up, had a family member over the ROKR MotoZ6 not forget that there was a version of CDMA and GSM in the market, but this version starts be interesting because, not only WiFi, but even has a standard UMA to make calls from WiFi and GSM networks, but no differences in the process save money;)

And the specifications are not bad, are not there more modern, but we .. Motorola has its loyal customer base that he needs a computer with these features, I hope, be a reasonable price range.

The OS is MOTOMAGX which is the development by Motorola, based on Linux / Java, and now they are in UIQ will see how that develops in the future, but it is interesting that the media player is advertised as 100% compatible with Windows Media Player 11 as the base is also Linux ... all the team played almost all formats of music available on the market (EMU, AAC, AAC +, Enhanced AAC +, AMR NB, MIDI, MP3, WAV, WMA, XMF ... anything else? : P) and includes a camera with video
capture 2mpx to 15fpps.

Connectivity of the equipment is Quad-band GSM with EDGE, but includes promotion support 802.11b / g WiFi UMA GAN R6 for Voice over IP. It has USB 2.0 and supports memory cards up to 4GB.

Ultimately it is not a team that comes to surprise the market .. but Motorola needed to expand its range of equipment and this is a good option:)