More than € 1000 for LG G910

6:02 AM Edited by Blony

The LG G910 had seen him a few days ago directly to the Mobile World Congress, together with technical features that we do not have to cry miracle.

Despite this, the HSDPA module, the touch screen and a little more on more have joined exclusivity of the product type with levitate the price at a figure not just to everyone. Orange, first in Europe to sell the G910, has fixed the price of 1.144 € for the version without a contract.

If you do not have all that money on hand you could always orientate on a contract that version will ask sull'unghia approximately € 570 and € 45 more per month with a bond of two years and a packet voice / data / sms in return.

For Italy there is no news yet on price and date of arrival.