Mobile World Congress: the theft of a mobile phone HTC with Windows Mobile 6.5

5:18 AM Edited by Blony

We learn by the young people at WMExperts that during the post-show buffet at the Microsoft Mobile World Congress, a self-styled tech thief stole a prototype HTC (Touch Diamond 2 or Touch Pro 2) with Sol Trujillo, CEO Telstra.

We were present at the buffet (poor when it came to food!) And, indeed, given the overcrowding situation is not so unlikely a stolen mobile phone, especially considering that many of the presentations people relied on phone to journalists to do it turn.

Despite the theft was successful, however, the thief will not be masked his surprise when, alerted of the theft, the Microsoft engineers have initiated a remote wipe, erasing all traces of the operating system and making the mobile phone stolen an empty shell! As the saying goes: "All well that ends well"!