Mobile Monday Buenos Aires, the third is due

5:15 AM Edited by Blony

. MomoBA announced its third event and, as the old saying is the third lucky .. Can you guess it is going to speak?

Mobile 2.0? ¿Mobile platforms? ¿Evolution of models and platforms? No, we were wrong ... again to see how to sell more content or to create "Superconcursos that generate millions and sell music and MobileTV.

And while there is an impressive competitive scenario where competition has hit names such as Nokia, Google, Mobile, Microsoft, Apple .. because manufacturers are now selling services because they did PCs Sexy beloved phones now, because the companies change their models .... Mobile Monday in Buenos Aires, there are cases of "Superconcursos SMS.

The time when we are ... that is so interesting to talk about a text message to 55355 with "Baila Ale" is nothing short of insulting to the industry.