Microsoft gets commitment for LG Windows Mobile

7:32 AM Edited by Blony

Microsoft announced in the middle of the Mobile World Congress, which has signed an agreement with LG for which the third world manufacturer of mobile phones using the Windows Mobile operating system in most of its smartphones in the coming years.

In this way, Microsoft will be available in more than 50 models that LG plans to launch over the next three years, the first is the LG GM730 was launched on the first day of the event. The agreement also involves the formation of the joint research and development to achieve a tight integration between hardware and software.

It is important to note that 2012 LG is planning to launch 26 models smartphone, making a move in line of attack and defense at the same time, it succeeds in curbing the number of ads that are about to launch Android smartphones, and achieves also take control of an important part of the global smartphone market, where only 11%.