Magnifier for Nokia S60 turns the camera on a microscope

7:43 AM Edited by Blony


Direct from the Beta Labs found this new application called Nokia Magnifier, as its name suggests, acts as an amplifier (or magnifying glass directly) to "improve reading in everyday life" in texts difficult to understand or too small.

The software is a product of Nokia Accessibility and uses cellphone's camera to make this a zoom and image stabilizer for those with trembling hands: P plus a filtering technology to change the funds (dark or light) and thus improve reading.

Nokia Magnifier (download) was tested only on the Nokia N95, N95 8GB, N82 and E90, but is compatible with any S60 3rd Edition device that has a camera with autofocus. However, reports from users saying that they will not go into the Nokia N96, N85 and E71.