Locate Nokia Sensor can help you find the keys ... or whatever

9:34 AM Edited by Blony

For many, many years (over which I would like) were used to fashion a few key chains to find our keys. Thought about slapping and if the key was close, gave a beep that helped us to locate objects that tend to miss. Nokia has decided to give it a twist to this with a acccesorio presented at the CES 2009 and have called Nokia Sensor Locate.

The principle is the same, but this time we have the sensor itself, by calling in some way, and our application for a mobile phone. The sensor, which measures more than just an SD memory card can be attached to our keys, our portfolio, or anything that will happen, and the application will help us find them in a radius of about 100 meters, and indicating the distance you are. We can also configure it so that the phone alert us if we drop the object that carries the sensor or just the contrary, lead us and set up the sensor so that your phone is turned off when a certain distance away.

Contrary to what might appear, this device does not use GPS, so the expense of our battery is normally low. The sensor itself includes a battery that can last up to about 18 months. Personally I think it is a fantastic idea and can be very useful, but unfortunately it is only a concept and have offered no details on a possible launch. Cross your fingers.