Limitations in the use of mobile broadband, the next step

1:07 AM Edited by Blony

. Inevitably, as the mobile broadband networks became popular, the companies would begin with this type of strategy because as people discover the high-speed mobile internet seriously and want to use is not content to see a couple of mails, but the advantage for companies that sell data plans and phones increasingly more multimedia or internet

According to TechRadar, a company Bytemark "Optimizing Traffic is working with T-Mobile to launch what is called" fair usage policy of mobile broadband "which is basically to curb the amount of data you can use your phone or modem 3G, define what type of applications you can access (the mobile network is not for downloading torrents) and analyze the HTTP content to put ads on your personalized phone or avoid downloading videos from certain sites if they are high definition.

Thus, all that is seen on the internet with bad eyes and is giving the jump to mobile internet ... limits on mobile broadband arrived, I think, to stay.