the latest Palm at CES 2009

12:35 AM Edited by Blony

. Palm finally introduced his keynote at CES 2009, showing some interesting things that do not reach yet to meet expectations. Introducing the new Palm Pre say that "help to live life more effectively." The team has the frequency bands of EVDO Rev A and GSM are we not to have GSM version? Because they do not believe that is exclusive to Sprint and neither mentioned a version with this technology.

Byg also includes WiFi, GPS, A2DP Bluetooth stereo, 8GB of storage, faster processor from Texas Instrument and a new interface type operating system. Many will wonder if Nova, no, no it is just an interface called Web OS that is designed to work with the finger. All demonstrations are done without the keyboard and stylus, only a QWERTY keyboard on the screen .... or a sliding keyboard slider up, as rumored.

The new Palm will also bring a Pre 3 MPX camera and LED flash, and also include a multitouch screen of 320 x 480 resolution and a separate area at the bottom (to the old-fashioned Palm) to function in recognition of Graffiti .

The new Pre Palm will be available in mid 2009 and will partner content and applications on Facebook, Pandora, Google and others.

Another novelty is that we see by induction charger and comes down with the factory team, which demystify the technology and already we've seen already WildCharger Powermat.