Kace, dispute management and control of the iPhone in the enterprise

4:34 AM Edited by Blony

. Kace, a specialist in IT management and computer servers, announced the availability of the management module in the iPhone.

The solution is called Kbox and allows IT managers to control all the iPhone that the company delivers to its executives. Like the BlackBerry and Windows Mobile, which can be managed remotely, the iPhone also now be managed from the desks of those responsible for computer security and technology companies.

The solution allows, in addition to saving time and money in resources, management of multiple configuration profiles and provides tools for implementation, all based on the security policies of the company. These tools allow the IT manager and turn off cell phones, manage the various accounts in the devices, allowing, or not, downloading content to iPhone, to push content to mobile phones, monitor applications, or allow VPN access to the company, among many other things.