I discovered that iPhone applications using friends with LivingSocial

10:41 PM Edited by Blony

Today in iPhone applications that we are what we use to make the mobile and which differentiate it from other iPhones. Then see what apps they have to show our friends and our own may be a good way to incorporate new and sharing that is important ... no? : P

LivingSocial lets us share our favorite things and organize into different categories such as books, CDs, movies, games, restaurants and television among others. And just to add a section to share on iPhone.

Can use the Facebook site or to be aware of applications that use their contacts, as described or voted. In addition, you can also add your opinions about each app and discuss this with other users.

From this, we also get a list of the most popular applications and can be search by name or the developer. If you are interested you can download LivingSocial implementation of the App Store to do all this from the iPhone.