HTC processors used in devices nVidia 2009

6:30 AM Edited by Blony

. Many of the terminals that will HTC during 2009, and is filtered a few days ago, will incorporate the new processors nVidia Tegra instead of the long used Qualcomm.

The new nVidia Tegra runs between 700 and 800 MHz, supports HDMI 1080p video, supports WSXGA + LCD and CRT and TV outputs for NTSC and PAL.

Its consumption is very small, between 2.5 and 4 watts, allowing you to have a great autonomy for a smartphone, some 130 hours of audio playback and 30 hours of video playback in HD quality. We can see some of that power in the following video:

The processor has support for WiFi, and also to hard drive, external keyboard and mouse. It also has a Board Support Package (BSP) to accelerate time to market of Windows Mobile-based devices.

Any one move from the HTC, we'll respond Qualcomm, which should not be happy losing all royalties that would lose if you lose a manufacturer HTC.