Handy Shell for Symbian S60 gift for faster

5:22 AM Edited by Blony

Pending potervelo review, we present a product of the software house Epocware (producing Taskaman Handy and other great programs): Handy Shell. This is a utility for Smartphone Symbian S60 (Nokia, Samsung or LG) can customize to your liking, the standby screen.

It has several plug-in like that for the calendar, the weather and others. Allows you to customize the shortcuts on the main screen and choose a further 12 for their favorite applications (in a dedicated screen) and other twelve for their more frequent contacts.

Together with Handy Shell, testable free for 14 days and costs about € 34, is also included an annual license for Handy Weather application integrated into the shell to have access to weather forecasts as many as 40 thousand cities. For a brief period, through the S60.com site, you can get a free license for Handy Shell, you must register and log on to "my exclusives." For the more lazy and lucky to leave a comment (remember, you must be registered with a valid email address), we have 2 licenses for you!