Hacking contest offers $ 10,000 for violating any smartphone

4:29 AM Edited by Blony

A competition between security experts put under the microscope all the operating systems of smartphones, as they are made within the grand prize of $ 10,000 that promotes finding vulnerabilities andalusia iPhone, a team with Symbian S60, Windows Mobile, with Android, or any team with RIM Blackberry operating system.

The contest is called Pwn2Own and Canada will be held in Vancouver in March. Conditions are very basic exploit "any vulnerability that could control all or part of the team at the time of the basic use of equipment", so look for exploits while sending text messages, using email, surfing the internet the original browser, or if it is possible to violate the security of Bluetooth, WiFi or 3G networks.

The rules of the contest include the confidentiality of security exploit until it was reported the manufacturer of software and have found the solution. Here he could have participated in several vulnerabilities smartphones, like the one critical vulnerability found in Android, that another serious vulnerability with PDF vulnerability in BlackBerry or amusingly called "The Curse of Silence" that affected the Nokia.