The GPS service for those who love the open air

3:48 AM Edited by Blony

Do you enjoy racing. make tracking, cycling, horse? So you like outdoor activities? Do you have a phone with GPS? If the answer to both questions is affirmative, then Smap, with Sanoodi is the mobile web service that's right for you!

In essence, in a manner very similar to that already made by Nokia with its Sports Tracker. Sanoodi allows us to share your GPS routes on the areas in which we carry out outdoor activities, but not only, as it also makes it possible to find people who share the same interests or who live nearby.

Compared with Sports Tracker, Sanoodi is usable by a much wider range of users, as SMAP, the program used to carry out the logging GPS is available (free of charge, from for BlackBerry, S60, Windows Mobile 5 / 6 and iPhone.