Gmail Contacts (Contacts) changes

7:23 PM Edited by Blony

. In writing what we want in Gmail email one's name written initials is a situation we can see even this. In addition to the size of the box in high dimensions or contact each answer in the email address you entered is considered, the beach comes to us one day to edit, even inconvenience.

Matter how much we'll regularly Gmail (contacts) in all of us a lot of input from a lot of the same name is available. In January 2009 met with a lot of new Gmail features.

The four new innovation in the news headlines daily in Gmail now has the same name but contain different information, the person who will be able to collect under the same name with one transaction. Google on Monday announced that new synchronization (Sync) and has become important. Because the mobile device with Google Sync can synchronize with your Gmail contacts mutual environment was created. (Available for mobile devices) is the most annoying couple of names to prevent entry of your Gmail contacts, before going on to such an arrangement was.

Perhaps the most beautiful features of your Gmail contacts and people within the call I can say. Now a person who is assigned to any information you can call up the details. For example, phone numbers end in 352 information that the person can be a situation like listing.

Suggested people (Suggested Contacts) as the last part of the "All Contacts" as amended. At the same time will encourage the "All Contacts" under continues.

Finally, your entire contact list into CSV format and can be transferred out.